What’s the best way to clean silver?

In particular, sterling silver can oxidize over time so to blacken what is a normal, natural reaction to the sulfur in the environment, body sweat, perfume and cosmetics. You can bring your silver jewelry with silver cloth back on glossy.

How do I store the jewelry?

Keep your silver jewelry airtight, individually packaged, so that they are not mutually scratch.

What is important while wearing silver?

1. Protect jewelry from contact with cosmetics, fragrances and oils.

2. store jewelry in the house and gardening.

3. Jewelry store go to bed before.

4. Bathing jewelry before, shower, swim store, sauna visit, salt and chlorinated water can damage the material and the precious stones.

5. jewelry during sports store to avoid bumps and scratches.

6. Jewelry Keep away from too high heat.